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Aesthetics; for trust; for navigability; for semantic use; for sustainability; today, a web project requires skills from a sharp expertise.

Our experimented development team makes sure that the web and mobile applications that we create are of higher quality in order to suit today's needs as well as to prepare the future ahead of time for our clients.

  • Website
  • Mobile application
  • Electronic commerce website (E-commerce)
  • Interactive installation (interactive terminal and wall)
  • Campaign microsite
  • Web application

Swoo Digital Agency was built with the advent of viral videos on the web. Today, more than ever, it is an excellent way to draw and hold our viewers' attention and to communicate our message.

It is crucial to captivate your audience in the few seconds of their attention in order to convey an emotion that will generate the desired reaction.

  • Television advertising
  • Web television
  • Corporate videos
  • Making of
  • Youtube video clips
  • Event capture
  • Motion design

At Swoo, we believe in the power of emotions.

Which is why we work hard with our clients in order to create for them a unique identity that would best reflect their worth and their corporate culture.

  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate logo and presentations
  • Design and preparation of printed material
  • Design of promotional material

An unavoidable event throughout the years, social networks are deeply rooted in people's lives, in the morning until bedtime!

Whether it is for setting up your social networks or for attracting more participants and developing content that engages this community, Swoo Digital Agency is your partner of choice.

  • Creating pages and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
  • Community lever campaigns
  • Social network management on a daily basis
  • Facebook contest application
  • Creating meaningful publications

We are your web development agency !

More than a simple business relationship, at Swoo, the relationships we have with our customers are real collaborations where there is creativity and passion in generating results that are beyond normal expectations.


New Creative Workspace

Our offices in Brossard are the ideal location for our creative minds to flow. Our space is a place for both exchange and hard work. We wlll gladly meet you here to discuss your corporate digital strategies very seriously and that is in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the opening of minds.