Addison Électronique
Transactional - Web

Web application

Addison Électronique has given Swoo the mandate to enhance its online presence

Major overhaul of technological needs and E-commerce

Several desired objectives have been achieved with this accomplishment: Increase and accelerate conversion, increase customer loyalty.

The importance of design and e-commerce ergonomics

Attention to detail has been brought to both the positioning of the products and the overall user experience (UX Design).

Technological challenges

  • Optimized indexing and publishing of more than 50,000 products
  • Build a bridge between the in-store inventory system and the new e-commerce platform
  • Implementation of an intuitive cloud search tool
  • Implementation of a CDN


Programming of custom modules

  • Programming of a custom product management module
  • Products and categories association module
  • Internal advertising management module (Slider, Ads, Banner)
  • Inventory management
  • Promotion management

An adaptive and responsive transactional site

A meticulously integrated design based on the multiple possible user experiences.

A major E-commerce mandate

This major mandate for Addison Électronique’s B2C transactional website was an honor for Swoo and was an excellent challenge in terms of strategic consultation and the implementation of optimal solutions.