The Beachclub Website is made to fit all screens; desktops, tablets and handhelds

Sleek design, international look

Swoo Digital Agency developed a visual identity for the internationally renown Beachclub website that this venue now boasts . The sleek design, inspired by Californian websites, showcases the key elements that are central to the Beachclub’s DNA : International DJs, Beachclub lifestyle and the festive spirit that comes with the brand.

Beachclub lifestyle in real time

With a skillful integration of social media and the involvement of the Beachclub team to keep its community always warm, Beachclub’s site is more than ever a reflection of what is happening in real time! Beachclub fans can quickly know everything ahead of time and can purchase premiere tickets to their favorite DJs.

A robust website can accommodate more visitors

Who says increased popularity, as the Beachclub of north shore of Montreal has lived in recent months, says increased visits! The structure of the site has been revised to, on one hand, earn milliseconds of loading and on the other hand, support traffic when a celebrity make a press appearance at the Beachclub. The Swoo Digital Agency team rethought the functionalities to keep the website easy to edit by the Beachclub team using a known CMS. However, the Web infrastructure is supported by a cloud hosting and a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that ensures a faster experience even in the period of high demand. This so-called “elastic” Beachclub configuration allows for whatever international media hit scenario that would bring a huge amount of visits to the website. It also offers ultra-fast browsing experience regardless of the country where the user is viewing the new website from.

Buying tickets directly from your mobile device
Bird's-eye view of the Beachclub ground
VIP experience on the Beachclub website, a must see!