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Continuing to assert itself as a leader in application development for the foodtech industry,

Swoo is proud to partner with Evive Nutrition since the beginning of 2020!

Our talented web development team supports Evive Nutrition’s marketing efforts on a daily basis, resulting in effective digital strategies and results that exceed expectations. We offer them personalized support for the consideration, design and development of their projects.

Phase 1

User experience of the ordering process

Ordering online can be exciting, but sometimes frustrating. By putting the user at the heart of the experience, we have designed a streamlined ordering process.

This includes the choice of subscription, the selection of flavors as well as the delivery option and the payment method.

The user can easily see their selection of products in the shopping cart and then directly modify that selection before finalizing their purchase at the checkout page.

The project at a glance:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase the average cart total
  • Simplify the purchasing process
  • Clearly display free products

Postal code validation

Entering the postal code allows for the verification of the delivery area and the assignment of the date of receipt of the Evive products.

Bundle selection

The various options available are displayed, including the number of products desired and the subscription frequency.

Product selection

The product selection page has been designed to provide additional options for consumers. Evive’s offer is constantly evolving and now includes lunches and pre-cooked side dishes.

In particular, we have integrated a module into the interface that allows for additional accompaniments to be added to the main products, such as the pre-cooked sides.

Phase 2

Engagement, loyalty, referrals!

Specific needs for an ambitious brand with a growing community!
First, we developed a loyalty program for Evive users. By sharing their personalized code, they can accumulate smoothie credits that can be applied to their next order.

The project at a glance:

  • Number of times the code is used.
  • Number of credits to the account
  • Automatic application of credits
  • Social sharing tools

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Phase 3

Brand Ambassadors

The involvement of ambassadors is part of a brand’s success on social networks.
The development of an ambassador program was necessary to provide a malleable management tool for referrals.

The main feature for ambassadors is the possibility of accumulating money for each referral.

It is possible to claim their money directly through the site using their Paypal email.


Evive offers several incentives to promote brand awareness. The module makes it possible to choose these incentives and manage their display.

Social sharing

You can easily share your code on the most popular social networks!


A complete history of your referrals is available so you can quickly identify the clients you have referred!

Phase 4

Swoo application

Evive required the creation of an application that would allow them to bridge the gap between the customer order information held in Shopify and the export files needed to manage their production.

  • Export of orders in the form of detailed reports
  • Management of ambassadors' payment requests
  • User management
  • Management of the addition of incentives and their display.
  • Flyer management