Real time standing system

In official battles in the UFC fighting network, it is essential to be able to distribute combat data in real time so that different content partners can gather information. The platform developed by the Swoo Digital Agency allows the team in the field to display these results in real time for the website, television screens at the combat site and to feed the various news networks of the industry.


Unprecedant responsiveness

Lots of websites today are developed in responsive.

The challenge faced by this project goes beyond the simple adjustment of a CSS style sheet for multidevices purposes; The site of TKOMMA has been thought to have an optimal user experience on all platforms.

Intelligent event management

It is simple and intuitive for the TKOMMA team to be able to generate the next big fighting event with all the associated fighters and the presentation of the stakes of these fights.

All supported by a magnificent advertising platform to foam the sale of tickets for this upcoming event.

A site beyond the standards of the UFC partners

The website of TKOMMA stands out from the various combat organizers of the UFC network by virtue of its seaworthiness, its aggressive style in the image of its events and by the updating of combat cards of its fighters. Combatants are displayed with complete cards including their local and international scoring and the calculation of these points is done automatically as the victories and defeats are declared. News of the industry is brought to the forefront and the promotion of ticket sales is effective.