Desktop version of transactional web site for Trois fois par jour

Intuitive & transactional site for an efficient & responsive experience

Through this collaboration , Swoo Digital Agency team designed the Trois fois par jour transactional website for an improved visitor experience, comprehension and efficiency. With the integration of a responsive format, tablet, smartphone, and desktop users are now entitled to a version of the site that best conforms to their device. The shopping experience now starts in the morning in bed, on the phone or tablet. This mobile and tablet adaptation has now become a must !

A weekly menu selection thanks to specialized filters.

A find for everyone’s tastes

The transactional site of Trois fois par jour offers many new features including the ability to search by several criteria at once. We know that users are now very specific in their searches and it is essential to offer them accuracy. On this site , the user can even create a custom menu for the week with any diet or dietary restrictions ( vegetarian , lactose-free , budget , etc.).

Making the most of Shopify while having your own identity respected

Working with a transactional website platform like Shopify is often the subject of debate in the industry of web design. The main advantage remains the autonomy offered by this platform for an entrepreneur wishing to sell electronically. And this advantage is the secret key of a good web marketing and involves having a grip on product management and promotions. However, it is often said that these turnkey platforms are difficult to visually configure to offer such a personalized brand experience . The Swoo Digital Agency team developed an expertise to configure the site’s transactional Shopify platform so that it has the same visual identity of the clients. After all, it is emotions that influence what we buy! Contact us to add emotions to your Shopify today!

A powerful search engine, the key a transactional site
Mobile version of Shopify site