Application web

Conception, UX/UI ideation and web development

In search of a partner to support them in the development of their new website, Nutrition Fit Plus, newly called WeCook, entrusted us the mandate of the design and development of their new web application.


The custom web application we created for WeCook allows the user to order ready-to-eat meals and snacks under a recurring subscription model.


WeCook is the destination of choice for lovers of balanced food who are too busy to cook but have an urge to eat healthy!

Same concept, different system to meet everyone’s needs

To meet a new demand among Nutrition Fit Plus users and increase their supply, the new Wecook automatic renewal subscription system allows them to increase their supply and above all improve the user experience.

Taking into account their desire to expand and enlarge their customer base, we have created a new, refined web design and developed functionalities tailored to new needs.

  1. Preferences selection module for automatic selection of dishes
  2. Weekly menu available for manual choice of dishes
  3. Two types of delivery, at home and drop-off point
  4. Subscription-type automatic renewal account
  5. Referencing system with user code and automatic discount application
  6. Automatic payment
  7. Integration and optimization of a CRM

Customisation without compromise

To meet the specific needs of WeCook’s new offer, the Swoo team has developed the website entirely. This big mandate had to be robust and malleable to adequately support the growth of WeCook, which already delivers more than 10,000 dishes per week and demand is constantly increasing!